Simultaneous Interpreting


We offer simultaneous interpreting services for conferences and meetings.


In simultaneous interpretingthe interpreter is in a sound-proof booth translating simultaneously everything that is said in the conference hall. Headphones are provided for speakers and audience to listen to the translation. The speakers and the audience are provided with headphones to listen to the interpretation.


Simultaneous interpreting booths


This method allows more than one interpreter to sit in multiple booths to translate simoultaneously in more than one language at the same time. The guests can then use a control on their headphones to set which booth they are going to listen to.


This interpreting technique is specifically recommended for international conferences in which the interpreting service is necessary during the whole day, since simultaneous interpreting  allows the conference to proceed smoothly, without doubling the conference time, because every speech is translated simultaneously, with no need to wait for the interpreter.


Finally, simultaneous interpreting is absolutely necessary when the audience is composed of large linguistic groups which are different from one another and each group needs the translation. This is indeed a great solution to enable a team of interpreters to translate simultaneously in different target languages.