Consecutive Interpreting


We provide consecutive interpreting services for conferences and meetings.


In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter is on the stage next to the speakers. When the international guest speaks, the interpreter takes notes, translating the speech for the other participants as soon as the guest stops speaking.


Consequently, the speaker delivers five to ten minutes of his speech, then he lives the floor to the interpreter, who translates for the audience. This interpreting technique has the advantage of limiting the costs for interpreting tools, since the interpreter ison the stage and does not need any booth, simply translating into the microphone.


The interpreter takes notes using a specific technique called consecutive note taking which is derived from shorthand and enables the interpreter to translate the whole content and every single nuance of the original discourse.


This interpreting method is especially suitable for speeches lasting no more than  two or three hours and, obviously, the audience must not be composed of more than two linguistic groups.


Consecutive interpreting is the perfect solution for a conference with a number of foreign guests who speak half an hour each in different languages, while the audience speak a single language. For instance, consecutive interpreting is the best way to manage a three-hour conference during which an American, a Frenchman and a Chinese speak to an Italian audience.