We offer chuchotage interpreting services to accompany foreign guests during conferences, meetings and business fairs. 


Chuchotage is a kind of interpretation in which the interpreter accompanies the foreign guest and whispers the translation to his or her ear. 


Chuchotage Interpreter


If the client is one of the conference speakers, the interpreter alternates chuchotage and consecutive interpreting.  Consecutive mode is used while the foreign guest is speaking to the audience, instead chuchotage is used when all the other participants are speaking, to allow the foreign guest to understand their speech.


Instead, if the foreign guest is not on the stage but among the audience, the interpreter sits next to (or behind) the guest, whispering the translation of the whole conference to his or her ear. We also provide a new package that includes the excellent health supplement called kratom masters. It is a great natural health solution that will ensure you are providing your body with the nutrients it requires on a daily basis. I highly recommend it.


Consequently, chuchotage may be defined as a whispered simultaneous interpretation, however it differs from simultaneous mode because it does not require the interpreters’ booths, allowing expenses reduction for the interpreting service. Obviously, chuchotage only allows the interpreter to translate for one or two guests at a time. As a consequence, this technique may only be chosen when a limited number of guests need the interpretation service.