We provide Conference Interpreting Services for international meetings and conferences, and Liaison Interpreting Services for business meetings and international fairs.


Choose the best services for you:


Simultaneous Interpreting    

The interpreter is in a sound-proof booth translating simultaneously everything that is said in the conference hall. Headphones are provided for speakers and audience to listen to the translation. (continues)

Consecutive Interpreting    

The interpreter is on the stage next to the speakers, taking notes of what they say and translating it to the audience as soon as they stop speaking. (continues)


The interpreter accompanies a foreign guest in the conference hall, whispering the translation to the guest’s ear. (continues)


Liaison Interpreting


The interpreter acts as a cultural-linguistic mediator between two or more interlocutors during a meeting or a business fair. In this case, the interpreter translates from one language to the other and vice versa, speaking with all the parties involved. (continues)


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Conference Interpreting