Stories from the English Classroom

February 8, 2014


Gisella Faggi, an Italo-American English Teacher, shares her experience with us:


English classroom“Today, in my Level 1 class, a Bhutanese client with eye problems had trouble seeing the board and copying down his work. His classmate, an elderly Burundian gentleman, reached into his backpack and pulled out a small pair of reading glasses and without a word, offered them to this client.


The simple acts of generosity that I witness everyday between my clients, all of whom have so little and have lost so much, never cease to amaze me”.


by Gisella Faggi, English Language Teacher in the United States.



Interpreting session on dog training with Emily Larlham

October 2, 2013


English-Italian Consecutive InterpretingComing back from our latest interpreting session about clicker training with Emily Larlham! It has been a pleasure and a honour to speak on behalf of a person who loves our furry friends and cares deeply about strong ethical principles in her work!!!

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